Solar Scientist

Adventure through the solar system.

Fuel: 50/100

Oxygen: 50/100

Food: 50/100

Research: 0/100

C.A.M. connection active...

Hello, I am your Command Assistance Machine, or C.A.M. I am here to provide updates on your mission to chart the solar system. If any resources (fuel, oxygen, food) get depleted you will be left for dead in space. Be careful they don't get too full as well, danger lurks around every nebula. You can return home when your research is complete.

C.A.M. connection active...

Command has cleared you for blast off. Being the practical man, er, machine I am. I urge you to check one more time before starting takeoff.

Will you trust this machine? Can it really fly a rocket at all?

C.A.M. connection active...

Welcome to orbit! This is a vew very few are lucky enough to see, enjoy before this gets Sandra Bollock - Gravity scary. We are now ordered to travel to Mars.

Will you comply? Gravity was my jam.

C.A.M. connection active...

Look out the port side hatch! What is that glittery orb? It seems to be an asteroid of some kind. I have no record of such an object.

Are you attracted to shiny things? No shame most animals are.

C.A.M. connection active...

You have entered Mars' atmostphere, it look's just as dead as anticipated. There seems to be nothing of interest down there. You can use a probe to explore or you can also decend to the planet in the landing craft.

Will you send down a probe? I mean, do they even have Netflix on the lander?

C.A.M. connection active...

Well I was wrong. My sensors are picking up vegitation and hints of water around. We can explore the landing area or return to the ship.

Will you explore? I mean life is cool but also like... nature is scary.

C.A.M. connection active...

We have been ordered to continue to Jupiter. Our current path takes us through the asteroid belt. My beautiful mind has charted an alternative route that is longer but will avoid the debris.

Will you continue through the asteriod belt? I think this computer is just taking me regardless.

C.A.M. connection active...

Recieve a strange signal. it's not even in binary! "Hello, we are the Zarthanians. We are down on our luck and have no way to get home. Will you trade some fuel for our knowledge of the stars?"

Will you take the deal? Remember you are the first diplomat from earth, don't $%&# this up.

C.A.M. connection active...

You have arrived at Jupiter. It seems to be staring back at us... and it's not happy. We can send a probe or go down in our lander.

>Will you send down a probe? What a cop out this is the same copy.

C.A.M. connection active...

We have gone to far from earth for.... signals....reach us properly...experence occational...connection problems. Our choices...Saturn or Europa...lucrative.

Will you choose Saturn? Io is one sylable away from IOU...

C.A.M. connection active...

We have arrived at...urn and it's pretty! Rings or seems...the other dangerous. I cannot...headquarters so the choice...yours.

Will you choose the planet? It's not as glittery.

C.A.M. connection active...


Will you leave the ship to dance with the rings? You can dance if you want to, you can leave your friends behind.

C.A.M. connection active...

Connection....... you......... orbit....,.... okay?

Should you just go home? It seem crazy to continue without communications but I'm sure people have called you worse.

C.A.M. connection active... %!$#-ed up!

You are lost in space. Accept your fate.

C.A.M. connection active...

Oh wait........

You are lost in space. Accept your fate.

Chris Pratt holding his hands to his head and mimicing an explosion.


space ship taking off.

You slave to the machine. Welcome to space, lets hope all goes well.

a spaceship launching into space leaving smoke behind.

I also like to live dangerously... your ship leaked fuel on the way out of the atmostphere but you saved some time.

Path through space made by red smoke.

You leave for Mars, I hope you brought some books.

Diagram of two objects orbiting a planet.

You orbit the earth one time, you lazy bum.

Rover landing onto a comet.

SHINEY!!! This comet is really all ice, you harvest the H2O for fuel and oxygen.

Man looking very dissapointed and judged.

Check out the will power on you. You think you're better than me?

Rover being sent to Mars and landing on the surface.

Better to be save than sorry!

Fly over of Mars.

Lets hope that God does protect the foolish.

Martian from Loony Toons looking through telescope.

While walking around you stumble into a primitive alien society. They revere you as a diety and give gifts.

Shia looking very dissapointed in a movie theatre.

"I thought you were brave! I guess it's just another one of my many dissapointments.

A spaceship flying close to astroids.

Not the wisest of choices. Your ship was hit leaking valuables. You did manage to grab some samples on your way through.

Senior Chang from the show Community saying 'Safety First'

Safety first!

Aliens dancing under a UFO

Congrats! You are the first diplomat from earth. Although it doesn't seem a fair trade. As a gesture of good will they gave you a gift.

Aliens looking through their spaceship window.

I don't talk to aliens, not now not never.

Senior Chang from the show Community saying 'Safety First'

Better to be save than sorry!

Swirling storms inside of Jupiter

"We quell the storms and ride the thunder...but it doesn't go well and we got lost in the planets endless storms.

rotating picture of Saturn.

We depart for Saturn, finding many interesting anomalies on the way.

A little rover sitting on Europa seeing Jupiter in the background

Under the thick layers of ice there seems to be a murmaid civilization! We stay to study them before heading on to Saturn.

View of saturn and its chemical atmosphere.

The planet is filled with interesting chemicals we can use to continue our search!

Zoom in from looking at Saturn to Saturn's rings

We go towards the glitter it seems so attractive, should we go out there?

Cartoon spaceman dancing in space.

Cuz your friends don't dance, and if they they don't dance they ain't no friends of mine. But seriously leaving a space craft without any computer assitance... your dead. YOU LOSE!

Cartoon cat flying through space.

We decide it best to watch the glitter from afar and record notes. Boring.

An space man jumping for joy.

Good choice, not a hard choice but still a good one. Even a blind squirrel find a nut occationally. YOU WIN!

Cat looking scared in tie die space background.

We continue to venture into space alone, bold, and likely completely %$#!-ed.

A cartoon girl sitting in space thinking as she drifts.

Still drifting.

A cartoon girl sitting in space thinking as she drifts.

Still Drifitng

Man floating in space

Drifting Forever. You Lose

Man floating in space

Drifting Forever. You Lose

An alien putting his fingers together knowingly.

You are holding way to much fuel. Some nasty aliens find you to be a perfect target and take everything you have... life included. YOU LOSE!

Explosion in space.

Your ship is jam packed with beautiful life giving oxygen. Which explodes and kills you. YOU LOSE!

A fox jumping and getting stuck in the snow.

You have filled your belly with so much food you can longer get into your suit or through doors. You slowly drift and die trapped in this tin can. YOU LOSE!

Man riding a rocket back into earths atmosphere.

You have completed your research and can go home! Kiss your partner everyday. YOU WIN!

Man floating in space

Your fuel has fun out. Enjoy the never ending lazy river ride of slow death. YOU LOSE!

Skeleton floating through space.

You are having a very hard time breathing. Very very hard. You suffocate to death. YOU LOSE!

Skeleton floating through space.

You have started trying to eat C.A.M. It was not filling and now you have no way to navigate. Welcome to starvation. YOU LOSE!

Man riding a rocket back into earths atmosphere.

The Zarthanians have been tracking you with the Alien Blob they gave. They saw you in trouble and decided to save you. On your way back home they reveal their secrets and finish your research. YOU WIN!